Types of Partnership

The partnership program of the FRIEND project welcomes public as well as private organizations to participate and benefit from the implementation experience concerning the integration of heterogeneous data repositories. Moreover, the project is designed to provide a smooth technology transfer from leading research groups to practical Application Project Teams and vice versa.

Partners will receive profound know-how while working on a complex project. The following areas are of particular importance:

  • modelling of environmental and enterprise data
  • integration of various data structures in general
  • secure solution with selected middleware options
  • object-oriented and federated database management systems
  • information handling for ubiquitous computing

In addition, they can rely on the research capabilities and the competence of the various university institutes involved (ETHZ, HSR).

There are six categories of partnerships for participation in FRIEND:

Partnership Type Recommended for
Strategic Developer Partners
Strategic User Partners
Associate Solutions Partners
  • Providers of aviation solutions
  • Providers of SWIM solutions
Associate Enterprise Partners
  • Large users of SWIM in non-aviation environments
Affiliate Partners
  • Standards organizations
  • Research institutes
  • Academic organizations
  • Non-profit open source organizations
  • Publishing/Media organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Competent and skilled individuals around the world
Members of User Group
  • All who are interested in FRIEND

Strategic Developer Partners

Strategic Developer Partners have the right to join the Steering Committee to have direct influence over the strategic direction of FRIEND. Strategic Developer Partners are major technological contributors to FRIEND. They build applications on top of FRIEND.

Strategic User Partners

Strategic User Partners have the right to join the Steering Committee to have direct influence over the strategic direction of FRIEND. Strategic User Partners are major users of the FRIEND technology, and they can influence and represent the user requirements.

Associate Solutions Partners

Associate Solutions Partners belong to the Application Project Teams and they have the right to submit recommendations to the Steering Committee. Associate Solutions Partners are organizations that will 1) express public support for the FRIEND COI and the FRIEND project. Either in the form of a press release, listing on your website, blog entry, or other public statement. 2) Plan to make available a commercial FRIEND-based offering after joining the FRIEND COI or plan to use a FRIEND Project in the development of a commercial offering after the acceptance of the prototype by aviation stakeholders. A commercial offering can be either a product or service (such as training, consulting, or a hosted web service).

Associate Enterprise Partners

Associate Enterprise Partners belong to the Application Project Teams and they have the right to submit recommendations to the Steering Committee. Associate Enterprise Partners are generally larger organizations that rely heavily on FRIEND technology as a platform for internal development projects and/or act strategically with products and services built on or with FRIEND. These organizations want to influence and participate in the development of the FRIEND ecosystem. Associate Enterprise Partners are looking for:

  • Access to detailed intellectual property data and policies to foster further trust and use of open source
  • Help with starting and participating Open Source projects and working groups relevant to their industries
  • Access to tools and information sources to better understand how their own developers are making use of FRIEND in aggregate with a goal to improve productivity

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners have the right to access all project-related information such as reports, etc.. They can submit requirements and participate in all project reviews and Partnership meetings. This provides a unique advantage to understand plans, directions and to network with the full FRIEND ecosystem. Affiliate Partners may upgrade to Associate Partner status in the future.

Affiliate Partnership is free for non-for-profit organizations, standards bodies, universities, research institutes, media and publishing. All other organizations, including for-profits, may also become Affiliate Partners with annual fees.


Committers are nominated by managers of Top Level Projects, and are then elected by the Steering Committee. Committers are able to contribute and commit code to their projects. Committers may be members by virtue of working for a partner organization, or may choose to complete the partnership process independently if they are not.

Members of User Group

Members of User Group are invited to information events and they may upgrade to Affiliate Partner or Associate Partner.

All types of partners and users of FRIEND are members of the FRIEND User Group, which is described in the statutes of the organization called “FRIEND® COI”. This forum allows for informal exchange of experiences among users and manufacturers, especially after installation of new versions of the framework or during the maintenance cycle.

Please send your FRIEND® Project Partnership Application to:

P.O. Box 67
CH-8706 Feldmeilen
Email: FRIEND@sc-n.ch