Partners: FRIEND in the pharmaceutical industry

An expandable storage system for the pharmaceutical industry.

The handling of modern research results in the pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as in bioinformatics represents a major challenge for researchers. The experiments performed provide a tremendous amount of data that is stored and stored must be evaluated.

However, this quickly becomes a time-consuming process. Among other things, this arises Problems due to the slow speed of existing storage mechanisms and the necessary work to reach the optimal speed for queries to specific data.

Our solution, FRIEND ODBMS, is a well-extensible storage system that focuses on the to tailor the exact situation of users.

It is possible through our collaboration with researchers to develop domain-specific database extensions that support management and Optimizing the evaluation of genetic data many times over.

A common interface for all gene databases

The SWIM system developed by FRIEND was first requested by the aviation industry, it solves but also a central problem in bioinformatics.

Today, genetic data is spread across different databases.

In addition to the more efficient storage to be solved by FRIEND ODBMS, that's what it's about. Also it is necessary and possible to integrate the different bio databases.

The best solution to this problem would be the databases with their respective owners but to integrate them under a common interface.

The SWIM system developed by FRIEND has exactly this goal.

It connects different databases and systems and makes it possible to do this over one to query common interface.